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"Tara was the first doctor to take my irregular cycles seriously and gave me the tools and knowledge to get my health in check. She suspected right away I had PCOS, and she didn't brush it off and say just live with it. She helped me find resources, gave me a list of the supplements I needed, and helped my husband and I on our infertility journey. I am forever grateful that Tara didn't just pass me off. Instead, she went above and beyond to support and care for me.”

Wendy E.

"Tara works from her heart. She has an open mind. Listens, answers and seeks the answers she doesn’t have. Tara is truly a blessing. She cares deeply and works diligently. She is amazing to work with and I’m so thankful to have her in my life."

Kayla S.

"I wasn't able to just naturally get pregnant from ages 26-30. We started fertility treatment when I was 30 and quickly realized I had to do IVF by 31. I was angry, hopeless, and felt lost. Tara has been a huge supporter of my journey and she can relate when I tell her things. A lot of people can sympathize, but they don’t know the pain that comes with IVF and still don’t end up successful."

Brittany H.

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