Confident Fertility Academy

The Confident Fertility Academy!

Confidently learn the necessary steps to your fertility care so that you can gain back control of your fertility care without feeling overwhelmed.

Unfortunately, when walking through infertility we often:

+Feel emotionally unsupported because this is often overlooked.

+Are unsure where to turn for answers because Google leads to more overwhelm.

+Find it challenging to work through barriers in your treatment because we don’t understand the information.

+Lack needed tools and education to successfully navigate your fertility care.

Ask yourself these questions….

Are you struggling with what you should eat, which supplements to take, and is this medication right for my treatment?

You feel like you did the wrong thing that month and in turn no two pink lines. Or, you missed doing something that month that prevented them from getting pregnant or treatment from working.


Receiving the diagnosis of infertility is overwhelming and confusing. You deserve guidance, attention, and a solid source of information. It’s about feeling empowered as a decision-maker in your reproductive healthcare right now!

Learn how to properly navigate your fertility journey from Dr. Brandner, a doctorate nurse practitioner, and fertility medical expert. Join now for lifetime access and added bonuses!

Tara is easy to talk with and is genuinely passionate about helping women with infertility realize their parenthood goals. I previously felt very isolated and when I met Tara, I felt like a window was opened and this new light in the form of communication filled my room.

Brittany. D

The Confident Fertility Acadamy is the only program of its kind available and created by a doctorate nurse practitioner with advanced fertility training!

inside the academy is a step-by-step approach to learning everything you need about your fertility healthcare to move forward confidently when building your family. Immediately upon enrollment, you will be able to join a FREE community NOT located on a social media platform + access 24 hours 7 days a week to all training videos, and LIVE monthly group coaching calls for LIFE with yours truly!

Free Community!

Access to a community not located on social media. I understand how isolating this diagnosis feels and social media is hard to be on at times. You will be surrounded by others who truly understand what your going through.

Monthly Group Coaching Calls

LIVE monthly group coaching calls for LIFE with yours truly! Can’t make it live? No worries they will be recorded for you to watch later. You will always have me and your fellow TTC sisters to support you.

Confident Fertility Academy Program

Lifetime access to a six-module educational program to teach you the steps necessary to navigate your fertility care. Included are videos on every disease that leads to infertility to help you better understand your journey. MANY other bonuses included inside!

Go from being overwhelmed to confident and in control moving forward with your fertility care

The Ultimate Fertility Program

The Confident Fertility Academy is for anyone with a diagnosis of infertility. Women and couples who are exhausted from searching the internet for answers and ready to feel in control of their fertility care.

+Whether you’re just starting to build your family or have failed multiple rounds of treatment

+You find yourself spending endless hours Googling or searching social media for answers on your reproductive healthcare

+Find yourself questioning the treatment plan placed before you and wonder what your options are

+Overwhelmed with all the information placed before you about building your family

+Question if you missed something like supplements or nutrition that prevented you from getting pregnant

Whether you’re trying to conceive naturally or even on your 4th round of IVF treatment, the Confident Fertility Academy will help you find clarity with my proven process.

Tara is an absolute blessing! She answers all of our questions and listens to our concerns. She responds in a timely manner and walks through the journey with you. I cannot recommend Tara enough, we definitely couldn’t have done it without her!


The Confident Fertility Academy is the only one of its kind out there led by a medically trained fertility expert.

what’s the cost of all of this?

Unfortunately, if you don’t understand what is right for your body and diagnosis, then you’re going to continue feeling stuck month after month.

You will continue to compare your plan to others questioning if you did something wrong or are missing pieces to your plan.

When we get so wrapped up in what to do and what not to do we create more stress for ourselves that leads to feelings of overwhelm.

Rest assured, because inside the Confident Fertility Academy, I break the entire process of navigating you through all aspects of infertility care into an easy to understand, step by step program so you feel like you’re moving forward with peace.

Tara Brandner

Your Investment for Confident Fertility Academy?

Only $67 per month. Seriously.

Once you enroll in the Confident Fertility Academy, you will have instant access to the entire program, monthly live coaching calls FOR LIFE, and a private community located off of social media.


The Confident Fertility Academy is completely online and you can go through it at your own pace and have the freedom to revisit lessons at any time. Plus, you have lifetime access and you’re entitled to any and all future updates and add ons. This is the perfect program to add to your journey through infertility.

You deserve guidance, attention, and a solid source of information. Through my experiences as a healthcare professional and personal struggle with infertility, I recognize there are large gaps of care for women and couples struggling with infertility.

The Confident Fertility Academy will not only provide you with all the steps necessary, but you will also get :

+ Training and workbooks with a doctorate nurse practitioner!

+ Bonus materials

+Monthly group coaching calls for LIFE!

+ Guest experts to provide you with more education

+Private community with others trying to conceive that is located off of social media

+And so much more!

You can start feeling peace today while walking through infertility! You are not alone! The Confident Fertility Academy is a perfect match for you if:

You have gone down just about every rabbit hole on the internet -only to find more confusion with every click. I’ve walked in your shoes, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Your journey to welcoming a baby has become a spiral of disappointment and self-doubt. You deserve to feel peace.

You have found yourself Googling every single thing. You no longer need this! Trust me. You’ll waste years of your life on this if you let it take over your mind.

You feel lost during your appointments trying to understand your healthcare. No worries! You don’t need a medical degree to understand your reproductive healthcare.

About Tara

Tara works as an experienced North Dakota-based doctorate family nurse practitioner and now a fertility coach with patients worldwide. She received her master’s and doctorate degree from George Washington University and has received an additional certification through the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM). After enduring a long road through infertility followed by a traumatic pregnancy, she turned her hurt into hope for others. Tara offers a personalized approach to infertility care to help you get unstuck and avoid the fertility journey’s common pitfalls. In addition, she provides services for a peaceful pregnancy after infertility. She has combined her experience as a healthcare professional and personal struggle to help navigate infertility couples through their family building path.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does this program last?

The Confident Fertility Academy is a go at your pace, lifetime access program.

Is this in a group setting or one-on-one?

This is a group coaching program.

I am so ready, but the money scares me!

Here’s a new way to look at it. How much has it cost you to move forward with treatments with uncertainty and fear? This program is a step by step system to get you where you want to be to move forward with peace and clarity. This is an investment in YOU.

What if I already am going through treatment? 

This would be a great and affordable option for you to incorporate in your plan no matter where you are at in your journey to conceive.

Will I get any one-on-one time?

You will be able to connect with me during monthly group sessions. You can also choose to invest in one of my 1:1 coaching packages if you find that you would like more 1:1 time.

How is this different from your one-on-one package?

My 1:1 coaching package is a strictly one-on-one, customized program for your needs.

Are there any payment plans?

Yes, payment plans are available!

What about refunds?

Due to the nature of the content (digital and downloadable) and a large amount of material that is accessible to you immediately upon enrollment, we do NOT offer refunds. Zero exceptions. We also have you agree to this condition when you purchase the program.

Still have questions?

Email me at and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

Are you ready to feel empowered and take back control?

Together we will overcome barriers you are encountering, empowering you to be in control of your care, equipping you with the tools you need whilst successfully navigating your fertility journey.