You’re not alone anymore. For 1 in 6 individuals, the journey to welcoming a baby becomes a spiral of disappointment and self doubt. As your Fertility Coach, I’ll help you find peace, take back control, and to fulfill your family vision.

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Hi, I’m Tara

Hi! I’m Tara Brandner, a nurse practitioner and infertility “warrior” turned full-time fertility coach. I’ve spent the past decade pursuing nursing including a master’s and doctorate degree. Like you, I endured a long road through infertility followed by infertility treatments and a traumatic pregnancy. I sought professional and medical intervention from two fertility clinics as my medical mind was spinning and led me to google and social media for answers.

I was lonely, confused, overwhelmed from the weight of infertility.


Karmen Steffan
I can't begin to explain how amazing Tara is. She has figured out more for me in my health journey in a few months than previous health professionals did in a lifetime. She takes her time with every visit and I never feel rushed. She answers my questions and checks in with me frequently. Tara's main concern is the patient and her passion and dedication shows with every interaction. The world needs more practitioners like Tara.
Kali Askvig
I’ve spent so much time going from doctor to doctor hoping someone would listen, then I found Tara! She’s been so helpful in my journey through figuring out my health. I’ll continue to go to her for as long as I need to!
Danielle Goebel
Tara is a caring, knowledgeable medical professional for any and all issues! She is so easy to work with, always has or will seek out the answers to questions and concerns. Her telehealth visits are easy and convenient and Tara is always flexible with scheduling. I have referred many friends and family with great results. Her passion for her patients is unmatched!
Susan Ziegler4j
Jenny Dewey Rohrich
Tara is a rarity in a provider. She’s knowledgeable well outside of routine medical practice, not afraid to seek a more holistic route in treating patients, and listens and asks questions to see the larger picture of health. Her passion is clearly healing people, not just treating them. I cannot recommend Tara enough as a provider and seeing her via telemedicine makes it so much easier for those of us with busy schedules and juggling several kids.
Sarah Kovash
Tara is the most caring, knowledgeable, and trustworthy medical professionals and individuals. She takes the time to listen, validate, and assist with any and all concerns I have brought to the table. Appointments are super easy to make and offered at convenient times for those that work the typical M-F 8-5 jobs. If you're looking for a medical professional who will go out of their way to make you feel validated while also assisting with your concerns, there is no better option than Tara!
Debbie Sayler
Mary Paulsrud
Tara is a gem. She is trustworthy, knowledgeable, and will help you any way she can. I trust her completely with any issues and know that she will listen and guide me in the right direction.
tina heth
I have spent years trying to get a medical professional to LISTEN to my issues and find a solution outside of "eat better". I had an in passing conversation with Tara in a social setting and in 15 mins felt more understood than I ever had in any professional medical setting. One virtual (EVENING!!) appointment later I had so much new knowledge, a plan, and HOPE. I learned that the "basic blood panels" Id been getting had a low chance of helping diagnose what could be causing my symptoms. Tara is so thorough, so knowledgeable, and so comfortable to be around. She seems like someone who has heard it all and seen it all and can help with ANY "weird" thing going on. She isnt quick to jump to prescription solutions which I appreciate. My journey isn't based in trying to get pregnant but she treated my hormonal struggles the same as someone with a different goal. I am eternally grateful to Tara and the endless wealth of knowledge she has.

Hopeful Hints: An Infertility Podcast

Empowering information to help you find peace during infertility, take back control, and fulfill your family vision.

Join Dr. Brandner every Tuesday!

it doesn’t have to be this way

After experiencing a long road through infertility, I decided I wanted to help couples in their journey to grow their family. I chose to change paths to provide a full suite of coaching services and support for those struggling to build their family. I am certified through the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), a natural family planner with the Marquette Method and a Certified Hormone Puzzle Fertility Coach.

Why is Fertility Coaching Important?

Through my experiences as a healthcare professional and personal struggle with infertility, I recognize there are large gaps of care for women and couples struggling with infertility. Far too many grow frustrated and fall through the cracks. My services help you get unstuck and avoid the common pitfalls of the fertility journey.

1:1 Fertility Coaching

When it comes to reproductive health care, Google serves up more questions than answers. When you work with me you receive individualized care, availability to fit your schedule, consistency, evidence-based education, encouragement, and peace of mind.  My work focuses on empowering women and couples to improve their reproductive health care and help to navigate the ups and downs. Together we can break through barriers and take back control of your family’s story.

confident fertility academy

This is a group coaching setting and allows you to connect with other’s who are walking through infertility. You will receive monthly group coaching for LIFE! The best part is this community is located off social media!

The academy comes complete with a course created by Dr. Brandner to provide you with education and support moving forward. Whether you are just in the beginning stages or have withstood many rounds and years of treatment, I’m here to share my expertise and compassion with you.


Utilizing telemedicine will reduce your time away from work, eliminate travel, and increase convenience as both partners can attend appointments from any location.

Using this convenient healthcare clinic you can be seen in privacy while avoiding waiting rooms that often contain pregnant patients.

+ Currently available for those living in North Dakota and South Dakota.

You will walk into your next stage of care with a peaceful mind, feeling comfortable, and in control of your care.

My Approach to Improving Your Fertility

I take an individualized approach to help build your family which requires a solid foundation of values that focus on your journey. I believe you are worthy of your goals and dreams so I commit myself to the following

Committed to your journey

Strong passion for helping individuals and couples through infertility and know all too well how confusing this can be. Your plan of care can change rapidly, I will work with you to ensure you are supported, educated, and comfortable with every step being presented to you.

My Approach to Improving Your Fertility


All recommendations and lifestyle action plans are based on the foundation of medical research.


My personal experience with infertility gives me a unique insight to your experiences. No two fertility journeys are the same, but when we share what we know, we lighten eachother’s load.


Goals moving forward will be made together with all parties on board and will have a solid understanding to ensure they walk away with hope and clarity.


I’m eager to understand the vision for your family and see it through


You’ll learn to be your own advocate for care and set goals on your own terms.


Accessible care and 1:1 coaching to support you right when you need it where and when you need it the most
Are you ready to feel empowered and take back control?

Together we will overcome barriers you are encountering, empowering you to be in control of your care, equipping you with the tools you need whilst successfully navigating your fertility journey.